Care Instructions

Please wet swimwear with clean water which can reduce the corrosion of pool and sea water.

Rinse thoroughly your swimsuit in cold water as soon as possible after use to wash off any chemicals, chlorinated water, sun cream or saltwater.

Hand wash swimwear in cold water. Do not use alkaline, detergent, washing powder, soap, disinfectant and decolorizer. Do not twist or wring out your swimsuit to remove excess water to avoid breaking the fabric.

Never roll up when wet.
Be careful not to wear light coloured clothing over wet swimwear. Some shades may bleed or transfer when wet.

Please tile or hang swimwear to dry in the shade. Please avoid hanging out swimwear in direct sunlight to keep the elasticity and tenacity of fabrics. UV rays can also cause the colors of the fabric to fade .

Please keep the dry swimsuit in the shade and keep away from cosmetics, washing preparation and other chemical substance. We suggest that you can keep swimwear in the box with some desiccant.
Please do not store swimwear with insecticides such as camphor balls and etc.
Avoid contact with suntan lotions, oils, rough surfaces, pool and spas treated with harsh chemicals.

Please do not keep wet swimwear in the polybag, car poot or trunk for a long time in order to avoid fading.

Hand washHand wash            Do not ironDo not iron         Do not bleachDo not bleach

Do not tumble dryDo not tumble dry Do not dry cleanDo not dry clean Dry in shadeDry in shade